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About Ronda

About Me

I became a Registered Massage Therapist to fulfill a lifelong passion and the dream of helping people with pain and stress. 

In 2006, after a successful career in Payroll and Finance, I followed my dream of more than 10 years to go to Massage College.  I graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2009 and passed the Provincial board exams that Fall, with distinction.  I placed in the top 3 in my class and received a letter of Commendation from the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia for earning such a high overall average on the exams.

Health and Fitness was the major focus of my life from an early age.  I wanted to be a nurse and that health focus motivated me to begin working out at age 11.  I spent years in the gym with aerobics and weight-lifting, and enjoy hiking, racquet sports, rollerblading, yoga and dance. 

I received both gentle Massage Therapy and deep tissue Rolfing (Structural Integration Therapy) throughout my 15 years at a desk job and became passionate about the effectiveness of both for their different effects.  Gentle Massage Therapy techniques helped my muscles release and relax, providing me with better sleep and curing me of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Rolfing realigned my body from past injuries and changed the way I stood and walked.  These experiences as a client greatly influence my approach to treatment today.

I moved to Kamloops immediately following College in 2009 and started work at the Alive and Well Massage Therapy Clinic.  Fall 2016 marks the launch of Memandu Massage Therapy, my own clinic after almost 7 years in practice.

In order to maintain licensing as a Registered Massage Therapist it is my mandate and pleasure to participate regularly in Continuing Education courses.  This expands and hones my skill set.  We are at liberty to choose our courses and I have chosen to be mentored in and/or attend approved courses in the following special techniques:

- Craniosacral Therapy (mentorships with both a licensed PT and a senior Craniosacral Therapist)

- Myofascial Release (the umbrella term for various therapies such as Active Release Therapy a.k.a ART, Trigger Point Therapy, Structural Integration Therapy a.k.a Rolfing)

- Applied Somatics

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage (intro course and then mentored by a licensed PT)

- Neuromuscular Therapy

- Joint Mobilization Techniques

- Osteopathic Techniques (two intro courses)

- Visceral Manipulation (intro course and mentored by a licensed PT)


I look forward to ongoing education and love what I have learned from giving and receiving treatment over the years.  And, I look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve your wellness goals.

Specialized Training


Myofascial Release

Neuromuscular Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Applied Somatics

Swedish Relaxation

See full Bio for more...

Disclaimer:  Taking Specialized Training doesn't make me a Specialist any more than taking Medical courses would make me a doctor.  I have never claimed to be one, nor am I in any way seeking to defraud or mislead the public.

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