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Chrysalis or Walls?

In the process of launching this new business I have come up against minor glitches and resistance. What I have learned in the process is that sometimes when we face issues, it's a closed door and the Universe has a WAY BETTER offering just waiting to be discovered. Other times it's just a reminder that struggle is the chrysalis we can momentarily engage to strengthen our wings for when we are free of its restrictions and flight becomes possible. Ease is the key though... without fail. My friend suggested that when I began to micro-manage things, they didn't flow easily, so in essence, I created some of the struggles. This is an old habit because we don't remember every single second that we are being assisted and things will turn out perfectly, without our fears or stress messing things about.

The other piece is that we often hold tightly to the known in attempts to create a sense of security for ourselves. If we close our hands around the old gems, we will not be free to accept the new ideas, concepts or dreams that are fresh, better and applicable to who we are and what we need for today. Our needs change and so must our dreams. Simply... I used to want a garden so much and as I get older, my energy is better spent on people and work. I still enjoy a small garden as soul food, but it does not to take so much of my time. I release the old desire, to make way for the new me.

Enjoy each moment as a child would, discovering the new and fresh about your world today.

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