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Acupuncture Rocks

I rediscovered Acupuncture in the nick of time. I had just begun to have obvious and debilitating symptoms of stress this January. The symptoms took a particularly nasty form including rashing and constipation. I'm so grateful that I had an appointment already booked with Shawn Wafler at the Wildroots Clinic. Several friends had recommended Shawna and also introduced us personally as colleagues with common interests.

What a life saver. The rash improved almost instantly and though I had flareups, between treatments, they were shorter and less severe. We also got the emotions moving and abdomen happier. Her treatments were relaxing and compassionate and included needles, massage and cupping (when helpful) as well as stationary mini needles or mustard seeds to keep on treating me after I left her office. She's an expert and talented. I recommend her freely and with utmost respect and gratitude.

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