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Lumbar pain?

I have been very distracted from blogging in the past few months. 2 house moves later, I am back and settling into life in my 3rd house since June. Wow. So, what's changed? My phone number for one. My business number is (250) 377-5897 now. Sorry but having 2 phones was not efficient in the end.

I also experienced my first 2 MRI's. Not pleasant, but not as bad as expected. The experience was useful as the 2nd MRI involving dye left me horribly stiff and sore. This led to booking 2 massage appointments with a colleague and the result was that neck and jaw work relieved my lumbosacral discomfort. Simply, I was reminded that neck and jaw work are linked to low back pain and can relieve it.

Come see me if you suffer with low back pain and in addition to my usual approach to lumbago, sciatica, pseudo-sciatica and so on, I will check out your jaw and neck to see if we can create longer term relief from your symptoms.

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