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March Madness, the Prizes

I'm having so much fun accumulating gifts for the Draw coming up that I now have a small mountain! What does this mean? This means there will be 4 WINNERS instead of 1!!!

The Grand Prize is a $75 Gift Certificate to Milestones (but may be used at a few other places if you so choose).

The runner up will receive a Bliss Float experience for the up to 90 minute luxury soak in roughly 1,000 lbs of epsom salts. The amazing benefits I enjoy from going are notable pain relief, deep muscle relaxation and the soothing sensation of being weightless and craddled. So glad to be able to share this wonder with one of you!

The third prize is a home spa package including the BEST bath bombs from our local company, Heavenly Bliss, as well as a variety of teas and an exfoliating loofah.

The fouth prize is my favourite lotion for your neck massages when I treat you... the delicious smelling coconut/lemon scented Everyone Lotion from Nature's Fare and its matching liquid hand and body soap that can double as bubble bath.

I appreciate ALL of you and your loyal patronage over the past 10 years almost more than words alone can express. So instead, I'm letting these gratitude gifts speak for me. After all, actions speak louder, don't they!?! But, it's still worth saying... THANK YOU!!!

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