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Fare Thee Well

Well, this year has been kicking my ass, but... we have all been in this boat together in some way, shape or form. I regret that the intensity of the changes in my world was such that I even stopped communicating for a while.

Covid has provided us all many challenges and for my part, I rose to each challenge to the best of my ability. With the insight and advice of family and a friend, I moved to Langley immediately at the shutdown to stretch my pennies and wait out the worst of the storm.

My health failed sharply with the stress of the traumatic and sudden life changes, leaving me with setbacks in my adrenal health. Some of you know I experienced adrenal failure a couple years back and the journey to health has been slow but steady. I had an upbeat attitude though and the news came that we might be able to return to work with proper protocols but then I went for surgery. Towards the end of recovery from surgery, I realized I needed to choose my next step carefully and that I was not feeling as strong and independent as pre Covid and all that had followed.

Kamloops is my home and all of you mean the world to me. You have believed in me and supported me, been faithful as clients and many of you have become dear friends. I am SO grateful for each of you!!! This will never change in my heart and I still intend to visit and lease a room to treat those who would like treatment.

However, it is with some sadness I reveal that I have chosen to remain still for the time being. Less movement means keeping my stress down and so for now, this is the wisest choice. I'm sorry to break this news to you all and from a distance. I have attempted repeatedly to get back to Kamloops to work (even for a long weekend) and various events have stood in my way, including health issues in my family.

I accept and embrace that I am where the universe has me at this time for good reason. All the benefits have yet to be discovered but this is a new chapter we are all facing, mid Covid.

Kamloops is the only place I've lived since childhood that I wrapped my whole heart around and felt fully embraced in return. So I may be gone, but hopefully I won't be forgotten and I may return. For now though, I hang my hat in the Lower Mainland.

For details of where I'll be massaging, PM me and if you have already contacted me about treatment when I'm in Kamloops, I will certainly reach out when I'm FINALLY able to travel that direction and see how you are doing.

My heart and eyes fill when I think of the successful business and beautiful atmosphere we created together. You are precious to me! I hope we won't lose the connection and I'm sorry things have changed so much, in every way! It's such a grieving process.

I still have the same digits if you feel like reaching out to just say hi or need someone to talk to.

Best Wishes to each of you and your families!!!

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